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How to become a World Youth Forum Member

Registration is Super Simple! If you wish to participate in the upcoming WYF events, you can start registering through the below link. You will need to see if you are eligible, complete your application and profile.

The exact requirements are mentioned step by step during the process as well as in the FAQ section.

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WYF is platform by youth for youth to discuss different topics that occupy the world today and will shape the future. It is open to all youth of all nations between the ages of 18-40 years old. Youth that are influential in their communities and areas of studies are also encouraged to apply as speakers as well. If you are interested, please apply as per the below instructions and note that there are limited spots so fill in the application as soon as possible. We look forward to receiving you at the City of Peace Sharm El Sheikh.

  • • Passport Scan (For Foreign Applicants)
  • • National ID Scan (For Egyptian Applicants)
  • • A clear photo with white background

Registration opens on August
Screening takes 6-8 weeks post submission
Ticket booking and accommodation will be 2 weeks post the acceptance.

  • Step 1: Fill in your basic Information
  • Step 2: Verify Your Email
  • Step 3: Complete your profile
  • Step 4: Get your account approved
  • Step 5: Receive your E-Invitation
  • Step 6: Choose your desired flight dates
  • Step 7: Receive your E-Ticket
  • Step 8: Apply for Visa
  • Step 9: Receive your Accommodation details

WYF offers you a variety of options to allow you to seize the upmost level of experience during your participation.
You can attend WYF as An Attendee, A Speaker, A Model participant, A Workshop participant Or World Youth Theater participant.

  • • Age 18 – 40 years old
  • • Personal, Professional and Educational experience related to the forum discussed topics

If you wish to apply to be a speaker, a presenter, or even a workshop participant... etc. in our various platforms.
You will need to:

  • • Select the topic of interest
  • • Upload your updated CV
  • • Provide us with an abstract paper on the topic you wish to participate in
  • • A research paper about “Prospects of cooperation and integration between Arab African states” in English or Arabic from the perspective of the Nation you do present with the following specific criteria:
  • • Kindly attach a recent CV.
  • • Kindly note that participating in the MAAS Model is restricted to the MENA Region (Middle East and Africa).

Your selection is not guaranteed as it depends on the number of applications received and your qualifications.

Once we validate your account, an Email as well as a SMS will be sent out with your E-Invitation.


Round from your nearest hub to Egypt, are FULLY FUNDED by WYF, including the domestic flights within Egypt.

  • • You will have to submit your suitable dates of arrival and departure
  • • Choose your nearest hub
  • • Wait for the confirmed date of your flight
  • • Receive your E-Ticket

An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number to notify you, in addition to an email.

Unfortunately, once your ticket is confirmed and sent to you, we will not be able to change your ticket.


All travelers to Egypt must be able to provide evidence of authorized permission to travel whilst in-country. To Obtain a Visa, please head to the nearest Egyptian Consulate or Embassy with the following documents:

  • • E-Invitation
  • • Passport copy (Valid for at least 6-8 months)
  • • 2 personal photos
  • • Any further documents might be required

Visa Entry policy


Yes, Accommodation during WYF (1st – 8th November) is FULLY FUNDED by WYF.

Once your participation is confirmed, you will receive an accommodation reference number, along with your hotel details.

Egypt welcomes you to spend as much time as you want as per your visa regulations, however WYF funds the accommodation only during the forum’s duration.

Yes, hotel transportation is provided from and to airport.

Forum Ground

WYF Egypt 2018 will take place November 2-6, 2018 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Shuttle buses will be constantly moving from your Hotel to Conference hall (center) and vice-versa.

Smart Casual or Semi-Formal are the forum’s dress codes. However, pack some comfy outfits, and a sports wear for the forum’s marathon.

Your WYF ID will give you access to all registered forum’s sessions and activities.

Your WYF ID will be handed over to you once you check-in your hotel.

Yes, your WYF ID is your access card to all forum events so keep it with you at all times.

If you do not have your WYF ID, you will not be guaranteed access to the conference hall nor events. It is your responsibility to have it with you at all times.

If your ID has been lost, please inform the WYF representative located in your hotel.

If you wish to cancel your attendance for any reason, we kindly request you to send a notification to [email protected]

World Youth Theater

As per WYF 2017 Recommendations “Calling on the Organizing Committee of the World Youth Forum to host youth delegations from around the world to hold workshops and seminars throughout 2018 on the various issues and topics discussed during the forum and activate all modern communication mechanisms to ensure the widest participation base in dialogue among young people around the world”.

It is a free platform for young people to express their talents, culture or arts.

Please log into your account and choose “World Youth Theater“ from the participation roles. You will need to follow the steps in the registration and:

  • • Choose the type of Theatrical Act you wish to perform
  • • Provide us with a Full-size Portrait
  • • Upload a link of a Sample of your work “Show Reel”

Once reviewed, you will receive a personal confirmation from one of our coordinators, who may ask you for additional information.

The same as you would for an individual but on the registration form, please include the band's name and designate only one band member to be your point of contact.

No, you have to receive an email confirming your participation as a performer.

If your show has not been selected, you will still have a chance to be selected as an attendee, yet you need to wait for an email from one of our coordinators who may ask you for additional information.

We have a very strict policy if there are performers under 18 in your act.

ALL Minors MUST have ONE parent or legal guardian present. If the parent or legal guardian cannot attend, then we will not be able to proceed with the application.

Model of Arab African Summit (MAAS)

It is a simulation of the Arab African Summit .In the MAAS, Participants step into the shoes of Leaders from the black continent in and the Arab nations to debate current issues on the organization's agenda. While playing their roles as ambassadors, "delegates" make speeches, prepare draft resolutions, negotiate with allies, resolve conflicts, and navigate the Model of Arab Africa conference rules of procedure - all in the interest of mobilizing international cooperation to resolve problems that affect countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Before playing out their roles in a Model simulation, students research the issue that their committee will address. Participants learn how the international community acts on its concerns about topics including peace and security, human rights, the environment, food and hunger, economic development and globalization. The delegates also look closely at the needs, goals and foreign policies of the countries they will represent at the event.

The insight you gain from this unique experience from the exploration of history, geography, culture, economics and science contribute to the authenticity of the simulation when the role playing gets under way. The more in-depth knowledge of your country guarantees a lively and memorable experience.
This is in addition to meet new people, enhance your public speaking, gaining expertise, Negotiation skills, Leadership, Teambuilding, Creativity, and Confidence.

A Model delegate is a participant who assumes the role of an ambassador to the Arab African Summit in a Model simulation. Prior to a conference or event, a Model delegate does not need extensive experience in regional relations. Anyone can participate in the Model, so long as they have the ambition to learn something new and to work with people to try and make a difference in the world.

Please log into your account and select your role from the Role Tap.

Once reviewed, you will receive a personal confirmation from one of our coordinators, who may ask you for additional information.

You should provide us with an updated CV.

A research paper about “Prospects of cooperation and integration between Arab African states” is required in English with the following specific criteria:

  • Paper should not exceed five pages long
  • Font: Times New Roman (14) for English papers
  • Author details at the end of paper (Full name, email address, mobile number, country of residence, passport number)
  • List of References.

Researching is the first and most important step in preparing for a conference. It is also important to understand the Model body that your committee is representing.

Dressing professionally and appropriately is an important aspect of Model Arab African Summit preparations. Just like being polite and having proper manners, dressing appropriately is an important way to show respect for the nation you are representing and for your fellow delegates. At some summits, delegates may wear their own national dress; however, most conferences require western business attire.

Business apparel is required during all sessions, meaning suits for men and business dress for women.


If you have any general inquiry regarding WYF Egypt, please contact us through our live chat

If you have registered and have an inquiry, please send us an email with your “Passport Number and Inquiry” in the subject to “[email protected]

Sponsoring the Event

Sponsorship opportunities are limited, so act today. To become a sponsor and for more information, please contact [email protected]